We need to reach her where she is---on her phone! image

We need to reach her where she is---on her phone!

Our online presence must be top-notch to be noticed. We need YOUR help.

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$6,600 goal

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Think for a moment about our target audience--abortion minded women of all ages. What do they have in their hand just about every minute of the day? Their phone. Therefore, we need to do all we can to be at least close to the top when she searches "abortion information near me" or anything like that!

Google is NOT our friend right now. They are making it very difficult for pregnancy centers to be at the top of her searches! We have to find many ways to reach her.

We are working right now to completely re-do and update our website at a cost of over $5,000. Once that is complete, we need to put money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google My Business, and many other avenues. SEO will cost us at least $550/month! And Google My Business will cost us $175/month.

Again, reaching her, getting her into our office, is the only way we can share truth with her and help her see other options besides abortion. If we don't reach her, we have no way of talking with her.

Can you help us reach her? Can you help fund our very important internet presence? Whatever you can give will help so very much.